UltraBrush - The Groundbreaking Ultrasonic Toothbrush That is Safe and Healthier For Teeth and Gums (And I Tested It!)

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This new ultrasonic toothbrush is being hailed as the oral hygiene device of the century! If you have never heard of it, keep reading and cross off your calendar those visits to the dentist!

A healthy body requires many daily routines, including maintaining hygiene of the mouth and teeth.

But even with daily oral hygiene, there are issues that continue to crop up...

Have you ever wondered why 90% of people, perhaps including you, have tooth decay? The answer is simple...and it’s not because of sweets...

The main reason for tooth decay is that you’re using the WRONG toothbrush! Standard toothbrushes don’t properly clean the mouth, so using these products daily can add to severe problems for the teeth and mouth, resulting in more visits to the dentist for expensive treatments.

Flossing, according to dentist, Rodrigo Saraiva: "...is an effective option, but painful..."

To address all of these and other concerns, an ultrasonic toothbrush is now on the market, and promises to improve the health of your mouth and teeth! And we tested it!

What is it?

It’s called UltraBrush, and it’s the only sonic toothbrush that provides deep cleansing to your whole mouth!

Covering 360º, the UltraBrush sonic technology essentially brushes all of your teeth simultaneously, in a smart way, and without the use of your hands. And that’s not all... keep reading

The brushing force of the UltraBrush is soft but effective enough to counter the plaque built up on your teeth, keeping your gums free of damage and preventing making your teeth from sensitive teeth to cold or hot temperatures.

Unlike other toothbrushes that merely scrape the teeth, damaging the enamel and leaving bacteria behind, UltraBrush reaches every part of your teeth, countering plaque even in the most difficult corners of your mouth.

And the best part is that using the UltraBrush is like receiving a full cleaning from your dentist but in only just 30 seconds!

How does UltraBrush works?

UltraBrush works by making oral hygiene simple with minimum effort and maximum efficiency and agility during your daily teeth cleaning.

What makes UltraBrush so efficient is the ultrasonic technology. When turned on, UltraBrush produces 5000 vibrations per second distributing the toothpaste between the teeth and along the gum line, resulting in a deep cleaning without beeing too rough on teeth.

Simply apply some toothpaste on the mouthpiece, insert it in your mouth and press the button.

As now you have access to a fantastic cleaning technology! UltraBrush offers 3 cleaning options and 1 option for tooth whitening. For maximum effectiveness you can select a rigid and powerful cleaning. Second, there is an option for cleaning sensitive teeth, crowns, implants, and orthodontic appliances. And, finally, UltraBrush offers a cleaning mode that massages your gums.

To utilize the whitening mode, simply place the UltraBrush into your mouth and leave it for five minutes. The active light technology will eliminate coffee and tobacco stains, making your teeth whiter and creating a healthier look.

It is definitely a toothbrush that adapts fantastically well to anyone!

Those who have already used this product say it is an excellent option to keep your teeth clean and your mouth healthy. Our designer Maria Damasio only had good things to say about this toothbrush:

“I never thought that a toothbrush could make such a difference in my oral health. The first time I used UltraBrush, I felt like my teeth and my mouth were fresher than they’d ever been. Now it takes half the time to clean my teeth in the morning, and I know it’s going to be an effective cleaning. My kids use it too and they love it. I recommend it.”

Thousands of other clients share the same opinion of Maria's. Among them, many dentists are recommending this toothbrush to their patients who want a quick and effective cleaning.

I Ordered the UltraBrush Online and Here's What Happened During My First Week:

Day 1

Super-speedy delivery, which I always love! When I opened the package, I was pretty pleased with the quality of the toothbrush. It’s an off-white color, looks very clean and innovative. The mouthpiece is soft and is the perfect size to fit my mouth.

Before I start using my new UltraBrush, I want to share the kind of toothbrush I currently use, as well as the condition of my teeth. This way, it will be easy to compare before and after.

My current toothbrush: I have been using between my ordinary toothbrush and other electric ones

My teeth: I have 2 tooth implants, as well as tobacco stains. When I brush my teeth, my gums become irritated and sometimes bleed.

Let’s give this thing a try and see how it goes!

Day 3

I’ve been brushing my teeth with the UltraBrush for two days now, and I have noticed a drastic change! In fact, I’ve never experienced a toothbrush like this before. It makes brushing faster and easier. Once you place it in your mouth, it literally takes 60 seconds to brush all of your teeth. My mouth and teeth feel amazingly fresh and clean.

I also noticed that the bleeding I had when using other toothbrushes has stopped, and so has the irritation to my gums. So far, I'm loving it.

Day 5

I’ve noticed a lot fewer stains. My teeth are very yellow because of tobacco and coffee, so this is a big deal! I think, because the UltraBrush has an option that whitens your teeth as you brush them, that this product is even more amazing! I can confidently say that this is the best toothbrush out there.

Check out the UltraBrush story in the video bellow

So what is the difference between a regular toothbrush and UltraBrush?

With all the features and benefits that I showed about UltraBrush, I believe that this answer is pretty obvious. But here are some more interesting facts about toothbrushes that you should know:

  • They brush too hard and hurt the gums
  • Must be replaced every 3 months
  • Only clean superficially
  • The cleaning process is slow and boring
  • Don’t eliminate tartar and plaque
  • Don’t prevent gingivitis or other dangerous diseases
  • Is UltraBrush expensive?

    How much are you willing to spend for a device that allows you to stop multiple visits to the dentist and that will ensure greater life and health for your mouth and teeth? Another reason that UltraBrush is a fantastic device is its price-quality ratio. Unlike expensive brands, UltraBrush costs only 127€

    Where can I buy it?

    Just visit the official website and order your UltraBrush today.


    Given the recent popularity of UltraBrush, the company is offering 50% discount + free shipping to all orders completed today. Guarantee your UltraBrush today for half of the price – and keep your mouth healthy!

    My conclusion

    I used to ask myself why I had to keep going to the dentist and spending tons of money on treatments, and then my dentist told me that the toothbrush I was using was not ideal. He recommended UltraBrush, and it turned out to be a fantastic way of keeping my mouth and teeth healthy for a fraction of the price. Invest in your health, because it is worth it. UltraBrush is an awesome alternative to the ordinary toothbrush!

    GET YOUR UltraBrush HERE

    Benefits of using UltraBrush according to the reviews of other clients

  • Ruca: Improved the health of my gums
  • Nando: Brushing teeth by the morning was never so fast, and it’s not boring anymore
  • Camile: Keeps my mouth clean and fresh as ever, I love it
  • Suzana: Advised by my dentist, the best toothbrush I’ve ever used
  • Dani: Fantastic toothbrush, kills off the floss
  • Fábia: I bought two for my children and they love it
  • Filip: The whitening mode works very well and the results are pronounced right after a few treatments
  • Ricardo: Convenient and efficient.
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